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If your company is vast or has hundreds of employees, improving processes can be quite a task. When it comes to introducing changes to such an extensive environment, it requires a solid framework or system like an ISO standard. Only then can you successfully introduce some changes.

Let’s talk about some common standards and certifications. You’ll also learn how they affect your company and what benefits they bring. So, let’s begin.


What is CMMC

This certification is also known as the Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification. It is for the companies who want to introduce better security measures in their company. However, it is quite specific for some companies. Its because DoD mandated this certification for contractors in the DIB pool of contractors.

If your company is listed under the defense industrial base pool of contractors, this certification is mandatory for you. Its because the Defense Department has to deal will critical and confidential data. This data should be managed and stored securely by the contractors.

And this certification helps in ensuring the same. It has five maturity levels depicting the type of security implemented in your company. If you’re interested, get certified now. It’s because this certification has some really cool benefits—the first one being the eligibility to bid for defense projects.

Other benefits include a better security system in place, which will reduce data theft cases in your firm. This will improve the reputation and will bring in more customers.

What is CMMI

This certification is for companies who think that their processes are complex and need improvement. The CMMI expands to Capability Maturity Model Integration. With this certification, you can streamline your process flow and make your processes simpler and more efficient.

Similar to the previous standard, this certification has 5 maturity levels too. Every maturity level indicates the level of optimization introduced into the company. If you want to optimize the processes, apply for this certification right now.

Similar to other ISO standards, there are certain guidelines to implement and requirements to fulfill. And when you do this, you can achieve the certification. After this, you’ll be able to deliver better to your customer.  

ISO 9001

Now, this is a world-famous ISO standard. The ISO 9001 talks only about quality. With this standard, you can create a quality management system for your company. Such a quality management system can help you increase the quality of the products you create and the services you deliver.

A good thing about this ISO standard is that it’s universal. Any company dealing with any business domain can go for this certification regardless of its size. So, if you aim at improving the processes to achieve a better quality of products and services, apply for this certification.

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