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Security and safety should be the key priority of a company. In terms of medical, it requires better stress. Induced companies in the same field have achieved certification through 13485 to carve the dignity of a customer. Safety is non-negotiable for any industry, especially in the case of medical devices.

That’s why ISO 13485 was introduced. Regulatory and quality are increasing requirements of every product throughout its life cycle. The expectations from the company are outlined in ISO 13485 Internationally. IQC the ISO Pros of Georgia is here for affordable and quality outcomes.


What is ISO 13485

ISO 13485 is a standard that focuses on improving the quality of medical devices, products, or equipment. Every company dealing with the supply or manufacture of such products must get certified to this standard. It has some guidelines which when followed lead to the desired results.

The medical device can be a machine, instrument, implant kind of products meant for diagnosis or treatment. ISO 13485 has involvement in production, design, installation, and other related services. External or internal parties can even employ the standard for their auditing processes.

All ISO standards are reexamined almost every five years to establish if an improvement is required to keep it original and applicable for the marketplace. The latest ISO 13485 is ISO 13485:2016, formulated to concede to the recent quality management system (QMS) exercises, encompassing changes in technology and regulatory rules and expectations.

The latest edition has a considerable intensity on risk management and risk-based decision-making. Moreover, the revisions related to the increased regulatory requirements for organizations in the supply chain have more emphasis.

Key Features 

  • Enhance your firm’s credibility and impression
  • Improve your systems
  • Boost decision-making
  • Develop a culture of persistent improvement
  • Decent employee engagement

The difference in ISO 9001 and 13485: a medical perspective

The main variation is in the scope of quality standards. ISO 9001 is the international norm that delivers specifications for a QMS (quality management system) that can be assigned to any association irrespective of service or product, industry, or company size.

Whereas ISO 13485 is an extensive management system precisely for the trade of medical devices. It sights a more crucial focus on regulatory compliance and delivers less flexibility in the managerial process.

IQC the ISO Pros of Georgia is here for standardized certification. A solution formulated under ISO 13485 can facilitate your time to credential and establish automated workflows which enable your organization to fulfill provisions throughout the stock lifecycle.

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What is ISO 14971:2019

This certificate stipulates terminology, principles, and a protocol for risk management of medical devices, comprising software as a medical tool and in vitro diagnostic medical devices. The technique engraved in this document aims to assist factories of medical appliances in recognizing the threats related to the medical device, estimate and assess the associated risks.

This ISO standard is different from ISO 13485, though, it may sound the same. For any further details or Certification process, you can contact us at IQC the ISO Pros of Georgia.  The experts involved in our team provide an objective-based environment. So, contact me now!

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